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The Spurs USA have many people to thank for helping to keep this brand of traditional Country Western alive! People like the Capital Region’s Kevin Richards, Country Music and radio DJ (Classic Country  show on Froggy 100.3 FM) and host of many events around the area and in Nashville, loves traditional country as well as new country. His commitment to our style of country is much appreciated by fans and musicians alike. Catch him with Spurs USA at a show soon!

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Also, a huge thank you to one of our best supporters and the supporter of many musicians and artists around our region, Lee Everett of Fine Line Multimedia. He is the most loving, caring, and talented friend to all.  Lee has taken numerous photos of our band and designed our CD cover for “Keepin It Real” as well as other projects.  You can see many of his photos on his facebook page, Lee Everett,  Fine Line Multimedia.  too. Love you Lee!  

Lee Evertt

A special shout out to  good friends and photographers, John Parisi, of Winsted, CT, and Juris Mardwing, The Berkshires and NYC. They’ve taking some stellar shots of the band and many others around the region. Thanks guys!

We have been playing together for over four years now and have been well received by many media outlets, friends, fans, and places we play. We will be filling up this page with many comments you share with us, as well as news articles we gather along the way and partners and sponsors who have been there for us, especially our own families. They often handle our merchandising table, drive with us, feed us, and so much more. Thanks to all of you!


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