Meet Dona Frank-Federico

dona solo shot

 Dona (Dona Sue) Frank-Federico

Lead Vocals & Harmonies  

Small Percussion

Booking & Marketing contact 

From her lips…

“I grew up in the tail end of the 60’s in the bay area of California, an Air Force brat, with a guitar in my lap at age 10. Hitchhiking to Golden Gate Park and venues like The Cow Palace and Fillmore West to hear the best music ever, I sang and played and lived my youth through music. The guitar set aside for a while I started using my vocal chords in bands, choirs, and my front porch with friends. I raised my only child, Olivia, to love music as well as to appreciate everything from classic rock to classical compositions and opera. I also encouraged her to play , write, and sing.  It has resulted in her becoming a very accomplished Nashville musician, currently plays in an indie /punk/original band called Idle Bloom. She inspired me and when The Spurs USA gave me a shot, I jumped at it. Most grateful.”

Dona has lived in New York for many years now, and still, she has not gotten use to the winters. But, she loves where she lives, Saratoga Springs, and enjoys all that the Adirondacks have to offer, mostly her close and very precious friends. An executive management professional, she started her adult life as a teacher on the west coast but couldn’t quite buy into the politics, so she left to pursue a career in Sales & Advertising, and it grew from there.

Dona is a recently retired COO (2015) but since 2006 Dona has also been selling real estate in the Capital Region and beyond, working with friends and new clients she is currently with Select Sotheby’s International Realty where she was just named to the Top Producer’s Group two for the last two years (2014-15). She credits her success to her support team and her partner, her husband Joe. Together they also work many volunteer hours for a very deserving 100% volunteer dog rescue group called Capital District Humane Association, CDHA. They have fostered and adopted numerous pups (including their two Jack Russell Terriers)  for and from the group and Dona helps to manage their website and social media accounts with a small group of volunteers. “There is always something we can do to save the life of an unwanted dog. Joe and I just couldn’t think of a more worthwhile cause.” They also support a group they strongly love, Jacks Galorewho rescue Jack Russell Terrier’s from all over the country. God bless people like Howard and Pauline Clarke. They have  the hands on responsibility of caring for these fine furry friends and they do it with such love.”

Dona has been writing music, poetry, short stories, and lyrics, since she was 10 years old. Her father told her often that she should get a job with Hallmark since she could write a poem in about 3 minutes, about anything or anyone. She has a way with words and gifts her close friends with special personalized poems on special occasions. She has also written many songs and short stories and publishes a blog called DonaFed Up, where she shares her short quips, stories about life, friends, the times in general. She has managed super regional shopping malls, had a short but lively career on WNYT, News channel 13, as a summer segment host, and in her early college years, worked on a floating fish processor in Alaska. In summation, she has followed many roads and they have all led her here.

How does she do it all?  Says Dona, “Not alone. I have wonderful family and an incredible husband and mother who help me manage my life. My 90 year old Mom, Esther, lives with us and still does our laundry and helps around the house, my husband, Joe, well, he is the best. We have our two wonderful pups and a cat, and without Joe, they would starve! (just kidding).

In her spare time? Dona loves to garden, hang with her family and friends, and binge watch her favorite shows on TV. Her favorite song on the set list right now is, “Stand By Your Man, and show the world you love him….”