No Age Limit

In life we are all taught to abide by the law. New York State is no different. There are laws for everything — even “texting rest stops” to encourage you to not break that law while driving. In fact, even if you are sitting in your parked car on the side of the road or in a parking lot, and your engine is running, you are breaking the law by texting or talking on the phone. You can’t lie your way out of it, you’re busted. I know.

But, there are lies you can tell that are not punishable by law, when it comes to your driver’s license, and I for one am witness to this fact.

My driver’s license photo, until last year, was about 20 years old. I looked 20 years younger and therefore I opted to keep that photo. My hair was dark brown (I have been blonde for years), I didn’t wear glasses (I do now), and this was way okay with me! In many cases the reaction I got when someone (even law enforcement) looked at my license was, “Really, that’s you? Um, ok.” Maybe I can fool myself with an old photo, but I can’t change my birth year to ten years earlier.

I am not usually open about my age, weight, or shrinkage factor, but the fact is that when given the opportunity, I lie about it. Hey, you would too if you used to be 5’2′, 133 pounds, with no wrinkles and you’re now 5′ even, 25 lbs heavier ( give or take) and a slave to Botox! Why the heck not lie? Why the heck not convince yourself that you aren’t even lying? It makes me feel good to believe in miracles!

I am sure none of you have ever done this.

This Donaism is an observation….some might call it a rant.

Why is it that many times when someone asks for a phone number they interrupt you every few digits? Don’t they realize that there are at least 10 digits in a number? Don’t they understand that we know they’re listening, with pen or pencil or cell in hand, so they don’t need to say..ummm…or, ok…or ya…after every few digits.  I can barely get the numbers out of my mouth I am so annoyed! Just shut up and listen, I know you are there. 555 ok….243..ya…46…uh hu..OO….What?  It’s zero people…a number, not the letter O.

Are we really that lazy when it comes to telling the difference between a 0 and an O? It makes me think about all the other short cuts we take that will eventually create an entirely new language and our blessed English will really be extict…rht?  OMG,I mean, LOL…If u want to know what I mean, just ck my daughter’s text log. idk what they r thking these daz, but Idl it one bit. I took shthd in HS, and @ the time I thought that was cray cray, but this is well, lmao, bad news. <3